Witnessed to restore Suichang landslide: a family of three go out to drink hi alcohol survived

In the process of the transfer of the masses of the town cadres in the process of landslides Su Guohong house was built in 1997
Suichang is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, is a small county population. 64-year-old Suichang County Su village villagers Pan Xinhua and the village a lot of people, usually in Hangzhou, the site of trees. "September 28, I received a brother's phone, said the house was buried." Pan Xinhua said, usually, he and his brother lived together, the incident when the younger brother and sister ran out, but brother The father of the daughter is lost. September 28 17:28 or so, Suichang County, North Town, Su village landslide occurred. As of September 30 at 15 o'clock, has successfully rescued 15 people, dug up seven victims, there are still 20 people lost. "Mother-in-law has run out of the house, but eventually failed to run over the rock on September 28, 47-year-old Su village villagers Su Aimin just finished the work in the village, ready to go home to eat these days has been raining, Su Village, director of the village committee Su Zhanghong worried about a geological disaster, so that Su Aimin meal to the village patrols. Su Aimin is walking on the bridge, suddenly saw the opposite of the hill collapsed, the body suddenly soft down - his mother and mother Brother-in-law lived in the mountain. Su Aimin panic, took out the phone to call the brother-in-law, but no one answered the landslide of the mountain has been rushed to the bridge in front of the river, the river cut off the river. , Like sea water suddenly came, not a minute. "He recalled the scene." I wanted to run up to save, but to see the house has gone. "He found the brother-in-law couple ran out, 60-year-old mother-in-law ran out of the house, but eventually failed to run over the rock .Su Aimin want to rush to find someone, but was pulled by the village cadres, because at that time And then the local government arranged for the villagers to live in the town of temporary settlements occurred in the landslides that night, Su Aimin did not fall asleep the next morning, the armed police officers rushed to the local rescue, "I To give them the lead, I am more familiar with the village, can help find a safe way. "He also led the officers and men, braved the danger to the excavator operating area to send food .29 evening, the reporter talked with him, Su Aimin See the disaster relief back to the armed police fighters, not so they open, the first greeting: "My family free room, you just live." "" A good drink to save the lives of our family, "" said our family's life, a good meal to save our family life. "September 29 evening, the reporter in Suichang County, North Town, the cultural hall to see the 51-year-old Fu Weifang, which is the second night after she spent the night. September 28 morning, before the disaster, Beijie town staff came to Fu Weifang home, to persuade her and her family at night do not live at home. "I told them: 'You rest assured that I go to drink, do not come back at night, live outside'. "She found the mountains continue to fall off the stone, but before they will fall, so she did not care. Nephew drive to pay Wei Weifang a family of three pick and drink, but not to the destination, Fu Weifang received a neighbor The next day, Fu Weifang's husband returned to the village, far looked at the location of a home where he saw the excavator is operating, the accumulation of rocks to the base of what And the house is still below the house on both sides of the neighbors have three people, did not run through this mountain landslide. 16-year-old small Su is a high school students, the best secondary school in the county school. Last week when he came home, he also made a QQ "talk": "mountain stone fell, the crust in motion. "He did not expect is that, then come back, the home is gone .Su Su's home was washed away, unfortunately, fortunately his family is okay." I want to go back to Su Village, want to help in the past. I intend to write an application to the class teacher as a volunteer. In the process of the transfer of the masses of the town cadres occurred in the process of landslides Su Guohong house was built in 1997, a total of two layers, each layer of 130 square meters for his son to be married when the same, the first two years he put the house The village cadres and village cadres came to mobilize them to the village hall to avoid the disaster. "Before the mountain up and down, the sunrise and the village cadres in the village, Rain and fine will be out of the stone. "September 27 morning, that is, the day before the disaster, (government) has been transferred to the organization of 15 people, the day of the disaster occurred, the town cadres to move again to the transfer of the same day, the Soviet Union on September 29, the official briefing The masses, in the process of the transfer of landslides occurred in the loss of the staff, there is a transfer of the masses of the town cadres.Su Guohong intend to make dinner, "a small stone down, I think it is a small thing, then found a very The big stones fell like a tide, and I ran out quickly. "When he ran, saw the road cracked, the roadside car was rushed to the river." I saw the neighbor family than I Running early, but they ran down, and finally were buried. "Su Guohong said." Wolves "After listening to more, the masses feel right" for the North Township town staff Li Chenxii, in this landslide he was dead to escape. On September 27, the local town government staff transferred the local villagers. The next day the villagers felt nothing, and went home. Li Chenxi told reporters that the morning of the incident, the northern town government sent staff to persuade the villagers to the village hall to avoid, but many villagers still feel okay. "More than two hours before the landslide, the northern town government dispatched more than 30 village cadres to persuade the villagers, and our group had six people, who were responsible for persuading five or six villagers," said Li Chenxi. Li Chenxi said, it is persuaded to move, they can only compromise, so that farmers after dinner quickly evacuated. But there are farmers with more, immediately evacuated. Later, Li Chenxi group of people came to the village conference room to discuss what to do next, suddenly they heard the "crash" sound, like thunder. Li Chenxi and his colleagues went out to see the mountains, there are large pieces of stone fall. They immediately set out "ready to pull out the farmers." At that time, Li Chenxi and other cadres did not go far, the first landslide, they ran up directly. "We stopped and looked back, and five villagers ran out with us." One or two minutes later, the second landslide followed, more than the first. They immediately notify the disaster to another village village cadres, the scene of the disaster the first time to tell the town's leadership, and block the intersection, to prevent the villagers into the dangerous area. Told reporters, Li Chenxi just withdrew from the Soviet Union. Two days before the disaster, he did not co-eyes. Li Chenxi told reporters: "Su village of the landslide point is the disaster point, each time when the rainstorm, the township staff will be the village transfer of the masses." The reporter learned that the landslide every year there will be rock collapse. After the incident, the people felt that it was all right, so we moved the masses more difficult to do. The day before the incident people were transferred out, but the next morning and all of them back. Work also make every effort. "Li Chenxi said. Zhejiang Suichang, September 30 Xinhua

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