Guizhou bear child car throw firecrackers half an hour burned a car (Figure)

Car burned half an hour car was burned bear child will be thrown into the car firecrackers According to the China Network reported on the 28th
December 6, Guizhou, a parked car parked on the roadside fire, fire officers and soldiers after the fire will be extinguished, but the car, but the car was thrown into the car, The body has been fired into a shell. The investigation, the cause of the fire is 2 bear child will firecrackers lit after the car did not turn off the window, thanks to no casualties caused. On the same day, the owner of Mr. Zhu did not take long to stop, the car spontaneously scrapped. In just half an hour, all the body was burned. The investigation of the vehicle, the fire is the reason why two children in the vicinity of firecrackers, see Mr. Zhu's car windows are not closed, even ignited the firecrackers from the window into the car, causing the vehicle to fire. Lawyers said that minor children are legally limited to civil capacity, China's Tort Liability Act Article 32 provides: "no civil capacity, restrictions on civil capacity to cause damage to others, by the guardian bear tort liability." The guardian to do the custody of the responsibility, can reduce its tort liability. "Body half an hour all burned. Bear the child this stall on the event, because the fun, found a car did not close the window, the firecrackers thrown into the car caused by car burning, good end of a car on the scrapped, and how to deal with huge compensation? Of course, parents of education can not shirk responsibility, many parents of their children too spoiled, only to give birth to a lot of trouble, how can this end?

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