London to Hong Kong airliner in the Russian contracted luggage compartment fire signal false

Russian Novosibirsk emergency department sources said
BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Reuters) - A Boeing 777 passenger plane from Cathay Pacific Airways, which travels from London to Hong Kong, is forced to land at a Russian airport due to a traffic signal in the luggage compartment, according to a spokesman for the Russian New Siberian emergency department. This signal is false, at present, passengers have been placed in a safe area. The technician is checking the airliner. The sensor said: "The sensor signal shows that the second luggage compartment fire is false." A total of 18 crew members and 214 passengers, a total of 232 people. The aircraft in Russia Novosibirsk Tol machev airport forced landing, emergency rescue department rushed to the scene, but not enabled. At present, the technician is checking the plane. Passengers have been placed in safe areas and are guaranteed water supply, without receiving complaints from passengers. According to the airport news, the local time 7:20 (Moscow time 3:20 pm), a Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-300 aircraft crew decided to implement the landing.

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